A drug that can help with heavy drinking

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Depressed businessman drunk at home with empty bottles on table

Alcohol abuse and dependence afflicts over 17 million people in the United States. Too many struggling with this disease go without proper treatment and suffer from it’s  devastating effects year after year. There has been limited success in the past when it comes to effective treatments for alcoholism and thus any new promising treatment is seen as a welcome addiction to the existing therapies. Recently, researchers found that the medication called Topiramate is lileky to offer new hope to those stuggling with alcohol addiction.  Clinical trials have indicated that this drug can be effective in reducing heavy drinking and decreasing the harmful physical and psychosocial effects of alcoholism. The medication exerts its effect by blocking the increase in levels of a brain chemical dopamine that is responsible for the feel good effects of alcohol. This results in making drinking less pleasurable and hence decreases the cravings for alcohol making it easier to stop heavy drinking. Topiramate was also found to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels which may lead to a reduction in heart disease in alcoholic individuals.

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