Is Salt a Natural Anti-Depressant?

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The fact is that many people use much more salt than what the body needs. Studies have shown that the worldwide average for salt consumption per person is approximately 10 grams per day, which is higher than the recommended allowance by about 4 grams, and may be more than the actual daily requirement of the body by more than 8 grams. Now according to a researcher at the University of Iowa, there may be a good reason for this over-consumption and craving: salt may work as a natural antidepressant by putting us in a better mood.

Psychologist Kim Johnson and his fellow researchers at the University of Iowa discovered that when rats are deprived of salt, they don’t get involved in activities they otherwise enjoy. The researchers are not sure if it is full-blown depression since there are many criteria required to make that diagnosis, but a loss of pleasure in normally pleasing activities is one of the most important criteria of major depression. The possibility that salt is a natural mood-lifting substance could help explain why humans are so likely to over-use it, despite knowing that it can be a factor in causing high blood pressure, heart disease and other health problems.

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