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Old Man with “High” Sex Drive

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After completing a physical on a 90-year old man, the physician remarked “I see that you are in excellent shape for someone your age”….

The patient replied” I know that but I do have one serious problem”. Whats that…the doctor asked. “My sex drive is way too high, anything you can do for that?”….replied the elderly man.

The doctor exclaimed in surprise “Your what?!”

“My sex drive,” said the man. “It’s way too high, and I’d like for you to lower it if you can.”

“Lower it?!” gasped the physician, still in disbelief hearing what his 90-year old patient was complaining about, and asked “Just eaxctly what you consider too ‘high’?”

“These days it seems like it’s all in my head, Doc,” said the eldely patient, “and I’d like to have you lower it about three feet if you can.”