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Arizona Psychiatric Associates, PLLC, specializes in Forensic Psychiatric Evaluations.
Our Board Certified and highly trained professionals can assist individuals, attorneys, employers, courts and other agencies by providing objective and independent psychiatric evaluations in various
medical-legal contexts such as:

  • Standards of Care & Psychiatric Malpractice
  • Employment-Related Litigation
  • Psychiatric Harm, Testamentary Capacity & other Civil Matters
  • Criminal Matters: Trial Competency, Criminal Responsibility, Mitigation & Post-Conviction Relief.


Forensic Services Fee Schedule

Routine In-Office Tasks
(records review, lit search,
report writing, in-person &
telephone interviews, etc.)                                            $375/hour

Out of Office Meetings
(one hour minimum + travel time)                                  $450/hour

Examination of Incarcerated Individuals
(4 hour minimum block)                                               $500/hour

(2 hours minimum block + travel time)                           $750/hour

Court Testimony
(4 hour minimum + travel time)                                     $750/hour

Other Services
Fee determined on a case by case basis



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Arizona Psychiatric Associates, PPLC partners with Transitions Center, located in Tempe, Arizona to provide psychiatric and substance abuse treatment services.
Transitions Center is an Arizona State Licensed out-patient Treatment Center for psychiatric & substance abuse disorders.

Transitions Center offers a full range and multiple levels of services for individuals suffering from mental illness, and alcohol & drug addiction.
Transitions Center offers an affordable but comprehensive Suboxone Treatment Program for Opiate Addiction.

Clinical Services Provided

Fee Schedule (Routine Clinical Services)